Mentor du Domaine de Vauroux (Jekku)

Desker de la Tangi Morgane x Ibanne du Domaine de Vauroux
male, born 27.12.2016



Hips -/A, elbows 0/0, Eyes clear (2018). Because left hip bone was broken age of 6 m, the kennel club did not wanted to give estimate on that. According to the vet, both hips are A.


Scissor bite


2 pieces


15.12.2018 Helsinki Winner (Creig Fynmore), 2.excellent CQ
30.06.2018 Joensuu specialty, 2.excellent CQ (Jesper Andersson)
09.12.2017 Helsinki Nordic Vinner, 2. VG (Brice Roice)
10.06.2017 Laukaa Specialty, 2. puppy, HP (Elena Ruskovaara)

Age of 19 months.
Age of 15 months.
Age of 15 months.
Age of 12 months.
Age of 10 months.
Photo Pia Ananin.
Age of 5 months.
Age of 3 months.

Breeder: Mme Monnereau, France
Owner: Figaron kennel & Mme Laura Kostiainen, Finland