JW-19 Figaron Ubuntu (Puppe)

CIE s.r. Pacino d'Aquivelt x RIGAW-18 Ch Figaron Renaissance
female, born 02.02.2019



Hips A/A, elbows 0/0, eyes clear


Scissor byte


58 cm

Character test:

Not done yet


22.04.2023 LshtiH (Tarja Lofman), 2.excellent, CQ, BF4
03.12.2022 Helsinki (Jean-luis Vandenbemden), 2.excellent, CQ
18.12.2021 Helsinki (Jesper Andersson), 2.excellent, CQ, BF4
18.09.2021 Hyvinkää (Marianne Holm Larnemaa), 1.excellent, CAC, BOB
19.01.2020 Lahti (Päivi Eerola), 1.excellent, CAC, BF2
08.12.2019 Helsinki Winner (Marie Francoise Varlet), 1.excellent, CAC, Junior Winner
07.12.2019 Helsinki Winner (Beata Strybova), 3.very good
23.11.2019 Lahti (Marianne Holm), 1. HP, BOS Puppy

Age of 2,5 years.
Photo Pia Ananin. Age of 10 months.
Age of 15 months.
Photo Pia Ananin.
Photo Nina Toivonen.
Age of 4 moths.
Umberto and Ubuntu
Age of 4 moths.
Age of 4 moths.

Breeder: Päivi Lotila, Finland
Owner: Mme Krista Honkanen, Finland