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Complete information of our Figaron litters and dogs can be found on litters heath page.

Our dogs or co-owned

Figaron Scarlett

Figaron Sade Adu

Figaron Renaissance

Figaron Prestige

Taikatalven Just Like Fire


Figaron Sans Souci

Figaron Stravinsky

Figaron Skyfall

Figaron Ramon Navarro

Figaron Redrama

Figaron Quantum of Solace

Figaron Quark Rouge

Figaron Quebec Garcon

Figaron Quintero

Figaron Paulus

Figaron Pegasus

Figaron Petrus

Figaron Porche Boxter

Figaron Oasis

Figaron Orlando

Figaron Orpheus


Figaron Scorpion

Figaron Sourire

Figaron Queen Mary

Figaron Piaff

Figaron Pompidou

Figaron Prada

Figaron Oberon

Figaron O'Hara

Figaron Olivia Newton

Figaron Opera de Paris


Mentor du Domaine de Vauroux

Laureen du Domaine de Vauroux

Pacino d'Aquivelt

Herodes du Clan de Samara

Arletty de la Tangi Morgane

In Memoriam

Bestseller Cappuccino

Bestseller Greta Garbo

Ch Bestseller Tomto Rom

Ch Bestseller Gans and Roses

Bestseller Queretaro