We have new Champion (C.I.E) Figaron Quebec Garcon


Pennut ovat syntyneet! 3 urosta ja 2 narttua.
Kaksi urosta vielä vapaana! Katso Pentu sivut!


Kajaani international exhibition, judged by Antti Nieminen:
- Figaron Queen Mary 1.exc CACIB BOB
- Figaron Scarlett 2. exc CQ R-CACIB


Excellent weekend at Helsinki Winner 2 days shows. This was the young ones succes as two Winner titles we got and also Best Breeder group on Saturday. Here our super nice results of both days:
15.12. judge Craig Fynmore
- Figaron Totilas 1.exc R-CAC JUN Winner
- Mentor du Domaine de Vauroux 2. exc CQ
- Pacino d'Aquivelt 1.exc BM2 Nord R-CAC
- Figaron Quebec Garcon 2. exc
- Figaron Quintero 1. exc CQ
- Figaron Tatouine 1.Exc JUN Winner
- Figaron Scorpion 4. VG
- Sophie d'Aquivelt 2. puppy
and also our Figaron group BOB breeder!
16.12. Julie Fynmore
- Figaron Tzahr VG
- Pacino d'Aquivelt 1.exc BM4
- Figaron Quebec Garcon 3. excellent
- Figaron Quintero 1.excellent QC
- Figaron Tatouine 4.exc
- Sophie d'Aquivelt BOB puppy and Best of group 1 puppies
and also breeders group 3. with HP.
KIITOS kaikki ihanat!
Tatouine Totilas


Exhibition at Riga was a winner show. Quebec Garcon was CAC CACIB BOB and Renaissance got CAC CACIB and BOS.
Judged by Beata Petkevica.


At Jyväskylä Scarlett was BF2 and got CAC R-Nord CAC.
Pacino was 2nd excellent.


Great result of Orpheus who got IPO3 today. Onnea!


Belgian Specialty at Joensuu Quintero was best male and BOS, and Figaron breeders class was best of breed.


Exhibition at Kotka Nordic show O'Hara was champion 1.exc Best Female, got Nordic CAC and was BOB. Judged by Annukka Paloheimo.


Estonian Winner show at Tallinn Quintero was work exc1, CQ, Best Male 2 and got RCACIB.
Photo Nina Toivonen.


Healt result of Orpheus eyes clear again.
Photo Pia Ananin.


Puppy show at Helsinki Totilas was 1. with Honor price and was BOS Puppy. Judged by Rune Fagerstom. First show of Totilas and so well behavied.


Exhibition at Salo went very well as Quebec Garcon (photo) was 1. excellent and 3. best male and Renaissance got very good Judged by Karen Gilliland.


Our new member of the Figaron family has arrived form Spain. Sophie d'Aquivelt is from Spain, breeder Mr Serrano. She is from the same breeder than Pacino.
Photo by Mirkka Pasinen.


Exhibition at Helsinki Royal Canin Show O'Hara was vet 1.exc Best Female 2 and BOB-Veteran. Judged by the Harri Lehkonen.


Exhibition at Järvenpää Quintero was 1. excellent in working class and was also BOS. Judged by the Rita Kadike-Skadine (LT).
Photo by Nina Toivonen.


Palveluskoiratapahtuma/Working Dog specialty at Helsinki was judged by Eva de Wine (BEL).
We had lovely day and people and nice dogs.
- Figaron Sans Souci int 2.excellent R-CAC
- Figaron Quebec Garcon open 2.excellent
- Pacino d'Aquivelt (on this photo) open 1.excellent Best male
- Figaron Quintero work G
- Figaron True Love jun 1.excellent
- Figaron O'Hara vet 2.excellent
- Figaron breeders class 1. Honor price
Kiitos kaikille mukavasta päivästä!


Tampere exhibition Figaron O'Hara was Veteran Best of Breed.


We had a puppy meeting at Espoo. Puppies were 5 months old from litter Nayko x Queen Mary was hapy to see so many nice looking and behaving dogs. Ihana oli tavata teitä ja koirianne!


Healt result of Orlando eyes clear again.


New puppie plans for winter 2018!! Please check Puppies! Reservations welcome!
Pentue suunnitteilla talvi/kevät 2018/2919. Laitathan viestiä, jos haluat lisätietoja tai varata itsellesi pennun!


Healt result of Mentor, elbows 0/0 and dysplasie -/A. Because left hip bone was broken age of 6 m and operated, the kennel club did not wanted to give estimate on that. According to the vet, both hips are A.


Exhibition at Imatra we got nice result as a young boy Sans Souci got R-CAC. Judged by the Zorica Blomqvist (Swe).


Healt result of Mentor, that had eyes clear.


Exhibition at Lahti was succes to the young boy Stravinsky, who got CAC, CACIB and BOS. Judged by the breed specialist Paul Lawless.


Health update of Scarlett got eyes clear.


This time we travelled to France and Toulouse for the last CAC to France Champion. And so happy to say, Quintero got the CAC, CACIB and was BOB!
We will have the new FRANCE CHAMPION soon. Onnea!
Photo Nina Toivonen.


We travelled to France Perpignan to compete for the CAC. There were two shows (judge Mme and Mr Thevenon) Quintero was the first day CAC and BOB also in group finals 2! Onnea!
The other day went also nice and Quintero gor R-CAC and R-CACIB.
Photo Nina Toivonen.


New Champion International (C.I.B) has been confirmed to Quintero!!
Photo Nina Toivonen.


Lahti gorup exhibition (judge Antti Nieminen) Sans Souci was junior class 1.exc CQ BM3 and R-CAC. Onnea!
Photo Pia Ananin.


Stockholm, Sweden (judge Marianne Holm) Quintero working class 2.exc CQ BM2 R-CACIB (will be confirmed CACIB) and we have a new pending C.I.E.
Thanks Sakari for handling Vito! Onnittelut!


Puppies are born! Urospentuja varattavissa. Tsekkaa upea yhdistelmä, jonka vanhemmilla käyttöominaisuuksia sekä tasaiset luonteet.
Pentue-sivulta (Puppies).
Tai laita viestiä


Third and last day at Finnish Winner, Helsinki, judge Daniel Juif (FRA). Such a nice ambiance and results:
- PACINO d'Aquivelt (on photo below), open 1.excellet CQ male R-CACIB
- Figaron QUINTERO, champion 3.excellent
- Figaron SCARLETT, junior 1.excellent CQ Junior Winner 2017

Photo by Pia Ananin.


Nice second day at Messukeskus Nordic Winner show, here the results:
- MENTOR du Domaine de Vauroux, jun VG
- PACINO d'Aquivelt, open 2. excellent CQ
- Figaron QUEBEC GARCON, open 3. excellent
- Figaron QUINTERO, work 1.exc BM1 CACIB BOS Nordic Winner
- Figaron SCARLETT, jun 2. excellent CQ
- Figaron SCORPION, jun 3. excellent
- Figaron Breeder class, 1. Honor price Best Breeder

Quintero, Scorpion, Scarlett and Quebec Garcon. Photo by Nina Toivonen.


Three day show marathon started friday at Helsinki Winner 2017, judge by Rui Alves Monteiro (POR). First day nice results:
- Figaron Skyfall (photo), interm 1. excellent
- Pacino d'Aquivelt, open 2. excellent CQ male
- Figaron Scarlett jun 2. VG
- Figaron Renaissance open class 4. VG


Heath check of Renaissance (Ventadour de Condivicnum x Bestseller Greta Garbo) eyes clear from cataracta, RD, pannus and PRA. HD A/A, elbows 0/0. Our future litter planned for her 2018.


Tampere exhibition nice day with judge Colleen Stoates Quebec Garcon got VG in open and O'Hara also VG in champion.


Tampere exhibition nice day with judge Jean Lawless Quebec Garcon got 2. excellent Best male 2, Quintero 2. excellent in Champion and 4. Best male and young girl Scorpion (on the photo below) was 1. excellent in junior females. Congratulations to all!


Excellent result of Orpheus and the owner Risto Puupponen got IPO1.
Good work guys, congratulations!

Photo Jari Ananin.


Pacino d'Aquivelt was at Oslo Norway with Excellent result Open exc1 CQ BM3 CAC.

Photo by Pia Ananin.


Second day at Jyväskylä went so well too, judge Billy Henderson. Here our team results:
- Pacino R-CACIB BM2
- Figaron Skyfall (in the photo below) CAC BM3
- Figaron Scarlett CAC BF2


Two day show at Jyväskylä went so well. Here our team results:
- Pacino CAC R-CACIB BM2
- Figaron Skyfall R-CAC BM4
- Figaron Scarlett CAC BF2 (in the photo below)


Figaron Quebec Garcon got in Rally Obeidience at Vantaa RTK2! He will now compete in higher class.


And the second day in France and in Paris, not so big succes, Figaron Quintero was 2.excellent working class. We still need one CAC to France Champion title.


This was a trip to France by airplane. So, we had a small vacation at the same time. At Avignon, a Specialty show, judge Michel Griol, Figaron Quintero was 1.excellent working class and gor R-CAC (to be confirmed to CAC). Soooo happy! As Quintero now has 2 CAC for Champion of France to go. Fingers crossed!


Figaron Quintero was in finnish character test and got +125 points, and not reacted on shooting.


This time we went to Tallin for exhibition. And nice results for Pacino d'Aquivelt got CAC, CACIB and BOB.


Figaron Renaissance passed begaviour test (BH) at Hyvinkää.


Figaron Queen Mary was in Finnish character test and did it excellent. She got +140 p, and did not react on shooting.


Figaron Quebec Garco got in Rally Obeidience at Raisio RTK1! He will now compete in higher class.


At Porvoo exhibion, Figaron Stravinsky got CAC, and BOB (in photo below), Renaissance was female and Pacino d'Aquivelt got R-CAC. Judge was Marion Sargent.


Next litter is about to come true end of the year 2017! The male is selected now and will be updated soon.
Check out the litter plans!


Figaron Queen Mary passed her BH (behaviour) test! Good work Sirpa, congratulations!


Figaron Queen Mary eyes checked clear. Good news as we will now plan for our next litter end f year 2017. The male will be announced soon!


We have New Champion!! Figaron Quintero was at working trial Tracking and got approved result JK1 (269 p). He is now FInnish and ESTonian champio and will be confirmed as CIE. Uusi FI&EST MVA, onnea Kaija ja Jape!


Nice weekend at France with two tervueren boys in the airplane. We had excellent results of the weekend with exhibition, character tests and in ring of selection:
- Petrus: CSAU (sociability) and TAN (shooting) test excellent, open class 4. excellent and pre-selected to s.r. (suject recommande) list
- Pacino: CSAU (sociability) and TAN (shooting) test very good, intermediate class 1. excellent
Such a lovely trip, far away with so brave dogs and lovely company meeting with friends.
Kiitos Petrille, kun sain ihanan Yodan mukaan ja kiitos kaikille mukana olleille ihanasta matkasta!


Tallinn Figaron Quebec Garcon got another CAC, CACIB and BOB. He also got qualification for Crutf sho in London 2018.


Tallinn Figaron Quebec Garcon got CAC, CACIB and BOB.


Örebro La?ns kennelklubbs Internationella utsta?llning (judge Antonio Di Lorenzo) Figaron O'Hara got exc1, CACIB and BOB.


Joensuu INT exposition we had a special judge Michel Griol (FRA). Ad we got very nice results:
- Figaron Quintero 1. exc open CQ BM4
- Pacino d'aAquivelt 1. exc interm CQ CAC
- Figaron Scarlett 1. exc junior CQ CAC BF 2
- Figaron Queen Mary 1.exc open CQ BF 3 R-CACIB
- Figaron Renaissance 3. exce open
- Figaron Breeders class, 1. Honor Price.
Onnea kaikille Sirpa, Kaija, Jape and Pedro.
(On photo from left: Renaissance, Scarlett, Queen Mary and Quintero)


At Turku INT show (Lemmer Torsten) Figaron Quebec Garcon 1.exc Open CQ BM2.


At Helsinki Eukanuba INT show (Maija Lehtonen) Figaron O'Hara got CACIB and was BOB.


At Kajaani exposition (Maija Makinen) Figaron Scarlett got her first CAC and BOB title. This was a special show also for her as she was placed to second in group finals! Onnea!


At Pori INT expo (judged by Kirsti Louhi) Figaron Quebec Garcon was CACIB and BOB.


Sadly I will announce, that Mentor was hit by a car and broke his leg. He was operated and is stable now. We really hope he will get better. Special hugs!


At Oulu INT (Regina Blessing) Figaron Scarlett was BOB-puppy and Figaron Queen Mary 1.exc CACIB BOB and amazingly at group finals 4!


Hyvinkää expo, Figaron Renaissance was Very Good (judge Paul Lawless).


Riihimäki INT dog show, Figaron Quintero (Fledder x Oberon) had an excellent day, open class 1.excellent, CQ best male 2 and R-CACIB (will be confirmed to CACIB) (judge Arne Foss Norway).


Health update of Figaron Sade Adu got x-ray results hips A/A and elbows 0/0. Super!


Exhibition at Poytyä (judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen) Figaron Quebec Garcon got 1.excellent and Best of Breed (BOB). He also was place at the group Finals to 2. place! Super!


This years specialty show for Belgian Shepherds was help at center of Finland at Laukaa. Terveren adults were entered 132 and all varietees total 334 dogs.
For tervuerens, we had 3 judges: Sandra Dupach (HOLL) for females, Laura Vassallo (ITA) for males and Elena Ruskovaara (FIN) for puppies. Aslo the weather was lovely.
Thank you all who participated! Erityiskiitos kasvattieni omistajille, jotka olitte paikalla sekä autoitte koirien esittämisessä. Love you all!

Excellent results and super memories from all of You:
- Figaron Orlando 1. excellent open class, BM2
- Figaron Petrus 4. excellent open class, BM5 CAC
- Figaron Quebec Garcon open class excellent
- Figaron Quintero open class excellent
- Figaron Queen Mary open class VG
- Figaron Skyfall 2. excellent junior class
- Figaron Sade Adu 1. excellent junior class, CQ, BOS Junior
- Figaron Sans Souci BOS puppy
- Figaron Scarlett BOB puppy, BIS2-Puppy
Mentor du Domaine de Vauroux 2. baby puppy HP
- Figaron breeders class 2. honor price
I hope I can update new photos soon.


Exhibition at Rauma (judge Roy Baker) Figaron Quebec Garcon got 1.excellent and Best of Breed (BOB). He also was place at the group Finals to 3. place! Super!


Exhibition at Harjavalta (judge Dubravka Reicher) Figaron Quebec Garcon got 1.excellent and was Best of Breed (BOB). He also was place at the group Finals to 3. place! Super!
Laureen was at her first show and eneded up to 1.excellent 2 Best female and got CAC.
Figaron Skyfall (photo below) was BM3 and won CAC. Great results!


Exhibition at Helsinki (judge Maija Lehtonen) for working dogs. Nice results and such a warm day. Figaron Queen Mary BOB, Figaron Quebec Garcon BM2, Figaron Quintero got 1.excellent CG best male (BM) 3, Figaron Scorpion (photo below) BOB-puppy and Pacino d'Aquivelt VG.


Exhibition at Helsinki (judge Saija Juutilainen) Figaron Quintero got 1.excellent CQ best male (BM) 2 and got R-CACIB (will be confirmed to CACIB). Figaron Sade Adu was 2.excellent (photo below).


Figaron Quebec Garcon was at health examination of a back and got all clear results (SP, LTV and VA).


Salo exhibition (judge Simon Rooney) Taikatalven Just Like Fire (photo) got Very Good and Pacino d'Aquivelt gor 1. Excellent and CQ.


At Tampere international exihition (judge Iris Urschitz) Quebec Garcon won CACIB and BOB.
Pacino d'Aquivelt (photo below) gor R-CAC and was 3. best male. Onnea ROPista!


Our new import tervueren male Mentor du Domaine de Vauroux is here!
Mentor is born from two groenendaels Desker de la Tangi Morgane x Ibanne du Domaine de Vauroux having tervueren grandparents and some malinois blood.
Soon some photos!


Puppies are born! 1+2 puppies, all went so well. Puppies and mother are doing fine.
One male is lookig for a home. Check the Puppies page for more info.


Pacino d'Aquivelt at exposition at Lahti was the best male CAC and CACIB, judgeed by Nina Janger. Quintero was best male 4. Onnea!


Pacino d'Aquivelt eyes tested and was clear from HC, PRA, RD and Pannus.


Figaron Quebec Garcon tested eyes and all were clear.


Mating succeeded and confirmed by ultrasound! Our next litter is on the way.
Check the Puppies page for more info.


Health check of Pacino d'Aquivelt and he is heathy boy. Hips resulted A/A (best value) and elbows checked clear also 0/0. Happy!


Mating is done! Our next litter is on the way for Figaron Prestige. More info coming soon!


Second day at exposition at Helsinki. Pacino d'Aquivelt 1.excellent CAC and Junior Winner-16 title.
Figaron Skyfall got 2.excellent, Figaron Quintero got 2.excellent CQ in open class, Figaron Orpheus got 2.excellent in working class and Figaron Renaissance got excellent, judged by Michel Griol (France). Figaron breeders group was 2. with honor price. Onnea kaikille!


First day at exposition at Helsinki we had nice day and good results. Lovely to see you all! Pacino d'Aquivelt 1.excellent and got CAC and Helsinki Junior winner-16 title.
Figaron Quebec Garcon got excellent, Figaron Quintero got 1.excellent CQ in open class, Figaron Orpheus got 1.excellent CQ in working class and Figaron Renaissance got 2.excellent, judged by Sonny Strom (Sweden). Figaron breeders group was 3. with price of honor. Onnea kaikille!


Stocholm exposition Pacino d'Aquivelt got 1.excellent, CQ and got Swedish Junior winner-16 title, judged by Jesper Andersson (SWE). Onnea!


Second day at exposition at Jyväskylä our open class male Figaron Quebec Garcon (photo above) got 3.excellent male, Pacino d'Aquivelt 2.excellent and Figaron Renaissance got VG, judged by Ruth Wagner (Autria). Onnea kaikille!


Exposition at Jyväskylä our young beauty Figaron Sade Adu (photo above) got junior 1.excellent CAC, Pacino d'Aquivelt 1.excellent, Figaron Renaissance got VG and Figaron Skyfall so nicely behaved in juniors 2.excellent judged by Pietro Bottagisio (Italy). Onnea kaikille!


Denmark exposition Pacino d'Aquivelt got 1.excellent, CQ and got Nordic Junior Winner-16 title. Judge was Marie-Jose Melchior. Onnea!


Denmark exposition, Pacino d'Aquivelt got 1.excellent, CQ and got DK Junior Winner-16 title. Judge was John Wauben (NL). Onnea!


Pentuja syntynyt 2 urosta ja 3 narttua! Käy katsomassa lisätietoja vanhemmista suunnitelmista
Puppues were born! 2 males and 3 females.


Pentuja odotetaan syntyväksi lokakuun 20 pv. Käy katsomassa lisätietoja vanhemmista suunnitelmista
Puppues are expected!


Tuulos exhibition Pacino d'Aquivelt was 1.excellent CQ, BM1 CAC and BOB judged Tuula Savolainen. Onnea!


Raisio Figaron Quebec Garcon passed a Finnish character test with +128 point. In shooting test, he did not react. Excellent result! Onnea!


Hyvinkää exhibition Figaron Quebec Garcon again was BOS, judged by Maija Mäkinen. Onnea!


Helsinki exhibition Pacino d'Aquivelt was 1.excellent CQ, BM2 R-CAC (judge Nina Janger). Onnea!


Riihimäki exhibition Quintero was 2.excellent in open class (Iris Urschitz).


Helsinki exhibition Pacino d'Aquivelt was 1.excellent CQ, R-CAC (judge Yla-Mononen). Onnea!


We made a trip to France with Quintero with air plane. No one could imagine the results we got. In France specialty, with over 600 dogs entered and in open class 44 dogs were entered, our male Quintero won open class and got R-CAC, judged by Mme Dugue and Bidault. He also passed sociability test CSAU with his owner Kaija Sakkinen and passed bite and shooting test TAN with Excellent. Great dog!
The next day we had the breeding selections and Quintero also got selected with title s.r. (sujet recommande) along with 10 other males. RIng of selection had judges mr Griol, mme Berton-Sarlat and mme Varlet. What a great weekend for us!


Oulu exhibition Queen Mary was 1.excellent in open class CQ and 2. best female (judge Juho Putkonen).


Helsinki exhibition Pacino d'Aquivelt was BOB puppy (judge Veli-Pekka Kumpulainen).


Our specialty show for Belgian Shepherds was held at Helsinki this year. We had judges for males Mme Berton-Sarlat (France) and females Mme Arsene (France) and for puppies Mme Järventölä (Finland).
Todella ISO KIITOS tiimiläisille mukavasta hengestä ja kaikesta avusta, mitä kasvattieni esittämisessä sain, kun en itse päässyt tänä vuonna kehään. Mukava porukka, upeita tuloksia ja hyvä fiilis jäi vaikeasta säästä huolimatta.

Tuloksiin/results of our specialty:
- Figaron Skyfall, puppy class no placement
- Figaron Sade Adu, pupppy class 3.
- LAUREEN de Domaine de Vauroux, puppy no placement
- Pacino d'Aquivelt, 1. HP, BOS Puppy
- Figaron Pompidou, Open class Excellent
- Figaron Renaissance, Open class Excellent
- Figaron Quebec Garcon, Open class Excellent
- Figaron Quintero, Open class 2.Excellent CQ, BM2, RCAC
- Figaron Orpheus, Working class 1.Excellent, CQ, BM3, BIS2 Working dog
- Figaron KENNEL breeders class 1. HP BOB Breeder, BIS3 Breeder

Breeder's class of Orpheus, Quebec Garcon, Pompidou and Quintero.


Hamina international exhibition Figaron Quintero again was 3.excellent and Pacino d'Aquivelt was BOB puppy, judge was Maija Lehtonen (Fin).


Mynamaki exhibition Figaron Quebec Garcon again was BOB.
Tuusula exhibition Figaron Renaissance got very good and Pacino d'Aquivelt was BOB puppy.

Pacino d'Aquivelt.


Harjavalta exhibition Figaron Quebec Garcon was BOB.


Salo exhibition nice results again: Figaron Renaissance got CAC and BOB and in males Figaron Quebec Garcon was BOB.


Palveluskoiratapahtuma/Helsinki (Specialty show for working dogs) was a success to us that ended to BIS (Best in Show) Working dog of Orpheus! So happy for the owners who entered to this show. Judges Eva de Wine and Marianne Holm.
- Pacino BOB puppy
- O'Hara 1. excellent in champion class CQ and 3. best female
- Orpheus 1. excellent in working class and BIS1 working dog
- Renaissance 3.excellent in open class
- Pegasus 3. excellent in open class
- Quintero 2. excellent in open class CQ and 4. best male


We have new import from France from kennel Domaine de Vauroux (breeder Mme Monnereau). We will hope this nice girl Laureen du Domaine de Vauroux will give her open and social character as well as new blood lines to our breeding.


Tallinna Estonia exhibition, nice result of Figaron Quintero (Fledder di Scottatura x Figaron Oberon) got 1.excellent BM1 CAC CACIB and BOB. Onnittelut!


Our S-litter is growing as expexted. Both boy and the girl are growing so fast and their mother is such a loving mom.
Boy on the left with a bit darker mask.


Excellent result from Turku exhibition for Figaron Quebec Garcon who got 1.Excellent, CAC and was 3. of males. Onnittelut!

Photo Pia Koskinen.


Puppies are born! One girl and one boy. Mother is also feeling fine. Happy! More info on page.


We did have health check for Figaron Ramon Navarro hips A/A and elbows 0/0. Congratulations, onnittelut!


We did have health check for Figaron Ramon Navarro eyes were claer from cataracta. and looks like hips and elbows are also excellent quality. Happy!


Great weekend at Helsinki Winner and Winner show. We got some nice results as well.
Saturday: Quintero 4.exc CQ, Queen Mary 3.exc CQ, Quebec Garcon exc. and Renaissance 3.exc CQ.
Sunday Quintero vg, Queen Mary 3.exc, Prestige vg, Petrus 1.exc R-CAC R-CACIB and the last but not least Figaron breeders group 1. Honor Price BOB breeder. Congrats to all Kaija, Bettina, Sirpa, Petri and Sini! Kiitos handlereille Riikka, Päivi, Marjuska ja Merja! Photo by Nina Toivonen of our breeders group.
Best breeders group of Petrus, Prestige, Queen Mary and Quintero.


We have a new import from Spain, kennel Aquivelt. This little brave boy is Pacino d'Aquivelt from very red Ch Kazan de Pedra Lume and Ch Fr s.r. Maya d'Aquivelt. Pacino will bring some new blod lines to our breeding. Hopefully we will see him soon at expos. Many thanks for the breeder Pedro Serrano and his family for the confidence!


Figaron Quintero and Renaissance were at Jyväskylä international exhibition. Quintero was 2.excellent and Renaissance 1.excellent. Judge was Leif-Herman Wilberg. Congratulations!


Figaron O'Hara was at Seinäjoki international exhibition and she got got CACIB and BOS. Congratulations!


Figaron Pompidou eyes tested and clear.


Figaron Queen Mary eyes tested and clear.


Figaron Queen Mary was at Hyvinkää exhibition and got CAC and BOB. Judge was Hilkka Salohalla. Congratulations!


Figaron Prestige eyes were tested and were clear.


Figaron O'Hara was in exhibition and got CAC at Belarus. This ment a new Champion and Winner of Belarus to her. Congratulations!!
Photo by Pia Koskinen


Figaron Pegasus eyes were checked and was clear.


Kajaani (judge Marie Butler) Figaron Queen Mary was 2. Excellent, 2. Best female and R-CAC. Congratulations!!


Kotka (judge Marianne Holm) Figaron Quintero was 1. Excellent, Figaron O'Hara was 1. Excellent, Figaron Renaissance1. excellent CQ R-CAC and R-CACIB. Congratulations!!


Very happy about the Figaron Renaissance health checking and she has hips A/A elbows 0/0 and eyes clear!! She has 25% malinois lines behind and will be our future promise in breeding.


Nokia (judge Markku Kipinä) Figaron Queen Mary was 1. Excellent, 2. Best female and R-CAC. Figaron Renaissance got 1. excellent CQ in intermediate and she was 3. female. And, Quintero got 1. excellent CQ CAC in open class and he was BOS. Congratulations!!


Turku (judge Bela Siklosi) Figaron Quebec Garcon was 2. Excellent, 4. Best male and R-CAC Congratulations!! Photo by Pia Koskinen.


Mikkeli (Rodi Hubenthal) Figaron Pegasus was 1.excellent, CQ, BM4 and R-CACIB. Congratulations!!


Figaron O'Hara was in Sweden exhibition and got CACIB and BOB (judge Miroslaw Redlicki). Congratulations!


Figaron Orpheus got Working Champion (FIN KVA) title. He was at the search competition and got a first price 284 points out of 300.
He is the first working champion in our kennel.
Congratulations for the owner and handler Risto Puupponen and his family!!


Figaron Orpheus was in Latvia exhibition and got CACIB and BOB. He was also second in group finals BOG-2.


Figaron Orpheus was in Latvia exhibition and got CAC, CACIB and BOS. He became Latvian champion (LV MVA) and Latvian Winner (LVW-15).


Belgian shepherds specialty was held at Seinäjoki this year. Entries were this year at tervuerens: 63 females, 58 males and 2 puppies. Females were judged by Emanuele Boriero and males by Dirk Spuruit.
We had very, very nice time and results were also not so bad:
- Pompidou: open class excellent
- Queen Mary: 3. excellent in open class and CQ
- Renaissance: 2. excellent in intermediate females
- Orlando: 1. excellent in open, CQ and Best male 2
- Petrus: 1. excellent in open, CAC and Best male 3
- Quebec Garcon: excellent CQ in open class
- Quintero: excellent in open classQuebec Garcon - Figaron Breeders class: 4. HP (Pompidou, Petrus, Renaissance and Orlando)
Congratulations for all and BIG thank you all for the owners for coming this long way!


Salo exhibition (judge Karen GillilandKaren Gilliland) Figaron Quebec Garcon was 2. Excellent, 2. Best male and R-CAC Congratulations!! Photo by Pia Koskinen.


Figaron O'Hara eyes checked and were clear.


Figaron Orlando is a father again. His second litter was born at kennel Bestseller with Bestseller Neida Jojok. 3 males and 2 femals were born (all red). Photo by kennel Bestseller.


Figaron Orlando passed a behaviour test (BH-koe).


Tuomarinkartano (Helsinki) exhibition (judge Soile Bister) Figaron Quintero 1. Excellent R-CAC and Figaron O'Hara got 2.very good and Figaron Orpheus 2.Excellent BIS-2 Working dog. Happy of the BIS-2 placement! Congratulations!!


Unfortunately our litter palns are postponed to end of this year. We did ultrasound and Bestseller Quimera is empty.
New try for this litter will be done of her next season.


Tampere exhibition Figaron Quintero and Figaron Renaissance got 1.very good (judge Soile Bister).


Figaron Orpheus has eyes tested (ECVO formulaire) clear.


Figaron Oberon has eyes tested (ECVO formulaire) clear.


Very sad day for us as our loved family member Bestseller Greta Garbo passed away. This special dog and a mother to our O-, P- and Q- litters can run free now.


Our next litter is on it's way now as the mating of Bestseller Quimera has been done! Father will be owsome Multi Champion Pjotr Deabei. We expect puppies to be born begining of June. Dogs will be suitable for show and other activities. Check also Puppy plans.


We participated Lahti international exposition. Figaron Quintero 2.excellent CQ and R-CAC. Juged by Juho Putkonen.


Figaron Orpheus got new titles from Latvia. He became Latvian Champion and Winner.


We participated Turku international exposition. Figaron Quebec Garcon (left) 2.excellent CQ and Best male 4 and Figaron Renaissance 2.excellent in junior class Juged by Attila Czegledi.
Photos by Pia Koskinen, thank you Pia!


We participated Kajaani international exposition. Figaron Orlando was 2.excellent, Best male 2 and R_CACIB and Figaron Queen Mary 1.excellent Best felmale 4. Juged by Leos Jancik.


We participated Helsinki international exposition. Figaron Quebec Garcon 2.excellent, Figaron Quintero 3.excellent and Figaron Renaissance(photo by Tom Suoranta) 2.excellent CQ. Juged by Antti Nieminen.


Puppy plans updated! Our next litter is planned for begining of 2015. Father will be owsome Multi Champion Pjotr Deabei. We expect puppies to have also working abilities as beauty.


Jyväskylä international exhibition very happy for the results: Figaron Pegasus best male CACIB and BOS, Figaron Quintero 2. best male CAC and R-CACIB, Figaron Queen Mary 1. best female CAC, CACIB and BOB (best of breed). Congratulations, onnittelut

Figaron Pegasus


Kerava character test Figaron Petrus got +58 points and no reaction on shooting.


Tuulos exhibition Figaron Renaissance got HP and was BOB-puppy, judged by Ms Jaana Hartus.


Tampere exhibition Figaron Renaissance got HP and was BOB-puppy, judged by Mr Juha Putkonen.


Figaron Queen Mary was CAC and BOB at Liminka. Judge was Mr Markku Kipinä. Congratulations, onnea!


Tuusula Figaron Quintero passed Behaviour (BH) test. Onneksi olkoon!


Figaron Quantum of Solace hips A/A and elbows 0/0 and HC (cataracta).


Helsinki exposition O'HARA 1. excellent BF2 and POMPIDOU (left)) 2. Excellent BF3 CAC. Figaron Renaissance BOB-puppy
Onneksi olkoon!


Tervakoski exposition, our future promise RENAISSSANCE started her expositions by HP (honor proze) and BOB-puppy.


France NE (National d'Elevage). This year over 500 belgium shapherds were entered to this world's biggest specialty. ORPHEUS got 2.excellent in working class. Yeah! As he had his CSAU/TAN passed from the last year, ORPHEUS needed not to do shooting tests. The next day he participated to sujet recommendee (s.r.) ring and was selected!! This year 7 other tervueren males were the quality of the production the comity was looking for. Now, his brother ORLANDO got company as he was s.r- selected last year. Happyhappy for these results!

Photo Sussie Strangard.


Second litter of Figaron ORPHEUS was born at Kennel Hossing! 3 males and 2 females are doing fine.


World dog show (WDS) at Helsinki. We had a nice day: PEGASUS open class 2.excellent, PRESTIGE open class VG, O'HARA open class excellent and ORPHEUS working class 1.excellent. Figaron breeders class was 3. with honor prize.


Heath update of Q-litter: Quintero hips B/B and elbows 0/2 and eyes clear, Quark Rouge hips A/A and elbows 0/0 and eyes clear and Queen Mary hips A/A and elbows 0/0 and eyes clear. Very happy for these results!


At Ristiina exhibition Bestseller Quimera 3. Excellent and Pegasus was 2. Excellent CQ and 3. male (judge Branislaw Rajik). Congratulations!


Health update of Quebec Garcon hips A/A and elbows 0/0 and eyes clear.


At Juva exhibition Bestseller Quimera got her firs CAC, best female and was BOS (judge Marianne Holm). Congratulations!


At Forssa exposition Figaron Quintero got his second CAC and was 3. best male (judge Stefan Sinko). Congratulations!


Bestseller Quimera health update, hips A/A and elbows 0/0.


At Lohja exposition Figaron Quintero got his first CAC and was 3. best male (judge Pirjo Aaltonen). Congratulations!


We had our Finnish specialty at Tuusula for two days exhibition. About 350 belgian shepherds were entered both days. Saturday judges were Firmin Aertgeerts, Eric Desschans and Gilbert Schafner. Sunday jugger were Jesper Andersson, Gilbert Schaffner and Michel Bidault. Sunday results: Orpheus working 3. vg, O'Hara open vg, Pegasus open excellent, Quintero junior 1. excellent CQ and Prestige open 3. excellent R-CAC. Saturday results Orpheus working 1. excellent BM3, Pegasus open 1. excellent BM2, Quintero junior 3. excellent and Prestige open excellent. I'm very happy for these results, specially the R-CAC on Saturday and the boys succes 2. and 3. on Sunday. Thank you all for coming!


At Tuuri exposition Figaron Quebec Garcon got his first CAC and was 2. best male (judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen). Congratulations!


R-puppies have their names and pedigree finally! We had 2 boys Ramon Navarro and Redrama. The girl Renaissance will stay for further production.


First litter of Figaron ORLANDO was born at Kennel Bestseller! 3 males and 2 females are doing fine.


Figaron Quintero got 1.excellent and R-CAC. Congratulations!


Figaron Quintero got 1.excellent from judge Eikeseth Wenche. Congratulations!


Figaron Quintero got 2.excellent and Pegasus got 1.excellent, CAC and R-CACIB from judge John Walsh (IRL). Congratulations!


We participated to the Finnish Character test at Helsinki. Prestige got +144 points and not used to shooting. Also Pegasus got +157 points and not used to shooting. Both passed! Congratulations!


First litter of Figaron ORPHEUS was born at Kennel Ketunpolun! 6 males and 1 female are doing fine.


Latvia expo Figaron QUINTERO got 1.exc junior CAC and BM2. Congratulations!


Lahti group exhibition Figaron PEGASUS gor CAC and BOS (judge Harry Tast, Finland). Congratulations!


R-litter is here. We got 2 boys and 1 girl. More info in our puppies page!


Merry Christmas and a very Happy wishes for next year 2014! Special thanks to all Figaron dog lovers and owners for giving your loving home.


Winner show at Helsinki Quintero was 3. Excellent, Quark Rouge was 5.excellent in junior class and Prestige was 3. excellent. Judge was Brigitte Dugue (FRA).


Helsinki Nordic Winner show Quintero was 4. Excellent CQ and Queen Mary got 1. excellent in junior class and Nordic Junior Winner title! Judge was Pauline Stern-Hanf (HOL).


Helsinki Winner Show Quintero was 3. in junior class with VG.


Our next litter is on it's way! Ultra sound confirmed that our female Bestseller Greta Garbo is pregnant. Very happy to see first malinois and hopefully also tervueren in this combination. As this is intervariety (malinois-tervueren) we expect to have 50% tervuerens. More info in our puppies page!


Jyväskylä exhibition Pegasus got CACIB, CAC and BOS. And Quintero was BOB-puppy! Judge was marianne Holm (FIN).


Our next litter is coming soon. Our female Bestseller Greta Garbo was inseminated with the frozen siemen of malinois male Ventadour de Condivicnum. Excirting times are ahead. More info in our puppies page!


Latvia Winner exhibition, Riga. Quintero was 2. excellent at junior class and Orlando 2.excellent and 4 best male. Congatulations!


Helsinki. The Finnish kennel club has granted a Finnish champiton title for Orpheus! Great work from the owner Risto and Pia! Congratulations!!. The title will be FI MVA (meaning FI Ch). Congatulations!


Nurmijärvi working test Orpheus got HK3 in search (haku) competition level 3! 269 points (300 max). Congatulations!


Lahti exhibition Quark Rouge was junior VG/2 and Pegasus 2.excellent in intermediate class. Judge was Mette Tufte (Norway).


Lahti exhibition Quintero was BOB-puppy.


Nurmijärvi working test Orpheus got HK2 in search (haku) competition! 260 points (300 max). This would mean a Finnish champion title for Orpheus! Jee, what a great news!


Tuulos exhibition Quark Rouge was 2. puppy HP and Quintero was BOB-puppy.


Porche Boxter health update hips A/A and ebows 0/0.


Tuulos exhibition Quintero was BOB-puppy.


Tuulos exhibition Quintero was BOB-puppy.


Helsinki exhibition (judge Johan Juslin) Quintero was BOS-puppy and Queen Mary was BOB-puppy.


Porvoo exhibition (judge Anita Whitmars) Pegasus got 1.Excellent (ERI/1) CQ, R-CAC and best male 3. Quintero was BOB-puppy.


Pegasus got health updates hips A/A and elbows 1/1.


Turku exhibition Figaron Quebec Garcon got 1.price, HP and BOB Puppy! Judge was Tarja Löfman. Congratulations!


Espoo working dog competition Figaron Orpheus got HK1 at research (Haku koe). Way to go Jaro and Risto!

Photo by Henriikka Havukunnas


Porvoo exhibition Figaron O'Hara got 1.Exc, CQ and BOB! Judge was Päivi Eerola. Great result, congratulations!


Helsinki exhibition Figaron Quintero got 1.price, HP and BOB Puppy! Judge was Dirk Spruit. Congratulations!


Joensuu Belgian Shepherd Specialty (Erikoisnäyttely). We got following results: Orlando Excellent (Stern-Hanf), Pegasus 2.Excellent and CQ (Stern-Hanf), Queen Mary 1. puppy class, HP and BOB-Puppy (Maija Sylgren), Quantum of Solace 2.puppy class and HP (Maija Sylgren), Quintero 1.puppy class, HP and BOS-Puppy (Maija Sylgren), and Herodes du Clan de Samara 1. Puppy class and HP.
Congratulations for excellent results! And thank you for participating our specialty this year!


Pieksämäki exhibition Figaron Oasis got 4.Excellent, Bestseller Quimera got 1.Excellent and Orlando got 2.Exc and CAC. Judge was Frederik Norgren. Congratulations!


Oulu exhibition Figaron Prada got 3.Excellent. Judge was Christian Stafanecu. Congratulations!


Mikkeli exhibition Bestseller Quimera got 1.Excellent in junior class and CQ (CAC certificate quality). Judge was Alar Muurisep. Congratulations!

Photo by Sakari Joenväärä


Helsinki Water rescue Figaron Orpheus got 100 point/100 p in Beginer's class (alokasluokka)! Congratulations!

Photo Petra Skogberg


Rovaniemi exhibition Figaron Prada got 1.Excellent and CAC and was BOB! Judge was Juha Putkonen. Congratulations!

Photo by Tuomas Tikkanen


Helsinki Water rescue Figaron Orpheus got 100 point/100 p in Suitability class (soveltuvuuskoe)! Congratulations!

Photo Petra Skogberg


Salo exhibition Figaron Prestige got 1.Excellent in junior class and CQ (CAC certificate quality) and was Best Bitch 4! Judge was Fiona Clarke. Congratulations!


Registration of our import male Herodes du Clan de Samara has been done in Finnish Kennel Club (Suomen Kennelliitto).


We had a heath check day with Petrus, Piaff, Prada, Prestige, Pompidou, Oberon and Orpheus at Mevet, Helsinki. Official results are coming bit later, but so far seems very good!


Lovely to see our Q-litter puppies today! They are growing up so fast and nicely.
See more photos of our Puppie meeting.


Bestseller Quimera eyes was clear from HC (cataracta) and PRA. Congratulations!


Figaron Orlando was in character test at Kuopio and got 87 points.


Figaron Paulus passed character test CSAU (sociability) and TAN in France. Congratulations!


Lappeenranta international exhibition Figaron Pegasus was 1. EXC and 3. male. Congratulations!


Figaron O'Hara eyes was clear again from HC (cataracta) and PRA.


New pictures of our 4...6 weeks old puppies can be found in our Web Gallery.


Our new import male from France arrived Herodes du Clan de Samara . He is very brave and social character and was so cool traveller in air plane!


Puppies were born 4 males and 1 female! The birth was very easy and we did not need any help. More info at puppies.Reservations for male puppy are wellcome!
See also our Web Gallery.


Turku international exhibition Figaron Orpheus was 2. male and got R-CACIB. Congratulations!


Lahti exhibition Figaron Pegasus got CAC and BOS, Bestseller Quimera 1. EXC in junior class. Congratulations for the owners!


Ultrasound confirmed that Figaron Oberon is pregnant!
The mating with this wonderfull male Ch Fledder di Scottatura went very well!
Puppies are expected to born on the 28th of January 2013. Reservations wellcome!


Helsinki Winner and Champion show. Judges Mr Pietro Bottagisio and Mme Laura Vassallo. Saturday Figaron Prestige HP and BOS puppy, Figaron Pegasus HP and BOB puppy, Figaron Orpheus 4. EXC. Sunday Figaron Pompidou HP and BOB puppy, Figaron Pegasus 1. male puppy, Figaron Orpheus 3. EXC and CQ. What a great weekend!


Mating trip to Holland for this wonderfull male Ch Fledder di Scottatura went very well!
Mating was done in two days. See the information of the litter here.


Puppie plans is updated! We are planning our next litter for early 2013. See more information.


Jyväskylä. Figaron Pegasus was BOB puppy, judged by Dick Rutten (HOL).


Helsinki. Figaron Prestige was BOB puppy, judged by Mr Birk (FIN).


Nurmijärvi. Figaron O'Hara passed a behavior (BH) test!


Lahti Puppy show. Figaron Pegasus 1st Honor price and BOS-Puppy and Figaron Pompidou 2. Honor price. Judge was Tarja Löfmann. Congratulations!



Kirkkonummi. Figaron Orpheus passed a Behaviour test (BH)! Congratulations!


Filloy (France). Figaron Paulus at puppy show got Tres propotteur. Great start for this very open and social boy living in France kennel Clan de Samara.


Helsinki exhibition Figaron Orpheus got CAC and was 2.male. Judge was Mr H Birk. This was the last CAC we needed. Congratulations for the owners!


So we travelled to France at Aubigny-sur-Nere for the Worlds biggest Belgian shepherd specialty show. Lot of beautiful dogs, total 232 tervuerens, were entered. Figaron Orpheus was placed 4.EXC in open class, which we were very happy about! He also passed CSAU and TAN character tests.


Puppie plans is updated! We are planning our next litter for early 2013. See more information.


Figaron O'Hara won CAC and BOB at Porvoo. Congratulations for the owners!
Onnittelut ROPista!


We had a meeting for our P-puppies at Leps. So nice to see them growing.
Pictures can be found in our Web Gallery.
Thanks everybody for coming!


Our first export Figaron Paulus moved to France to kennel Clan de Samara.
Bon voyage and see you soon!


Belgian shepherd specialty at Pälkäne, Figaron Orpheus
in open class EXC placement between 5-14 and CQ (certificate qualification) and Figaron Orlando
also in open class EXC placement between 5-14 and CQ (certificate qualification). Very happy as there were 37 males in open class.
Judge was Michel Griol from France.




Figaron Orlando got CAC, CACIB and BOB at Oulu international dog show.
Juge was Pirjo Aaltonen. Jihaa!


In Tallinna (Estonia) winner show, Figaron Orlando was BOS and got CAC-CACIB from judge Myriam Vermeiren.
He got Estonian winner (EEV-12) title, congratulations!
Photo by Tom Suoranta.

31.5. 2012

Figaron O'Hara was BOB CAC-CACIB and in second day BOB at Aker (Sweden). Congratulations for the owners!
Onnittelut kahdesta ROPista!


We got excellent results on Finnish character test: Figaron Oberon 158 p, Figaron Oasis 142 p and Figaron Orpheus 169 points and no one reacted on shooting.
Super happy for the great characters of this litter!


Puppies were born! Father is a wonderful handsome CH Grimmendans Fourlan and mother was Bestseller Greta Garbo.
4 males and 4 females, all red in color. All went very well and naturally. Mother is taking good care of the babies.
Pictures can be found in our Web Gallery.

17.3. 2012

Figaron O'Hara had SUPER result in Finnish Character test: 201 points and not reacting on shooting!


Figaron Orlando was 2.male and R-CAC at Tuusniemi. Jude was Pirjo Aaltonen.


We have updated puppie plans! Bestseller Greta Garbo was mated naturally to Grimmendans Fourlan.
Puppies are expected to born 17th of March 2012.


Figaron Orlando got 2.exc in Open class and R-CAC at Kajaani. Judged by Gert Christensen.


Helsinki Winner show Figaron Orpheus was open class 1.exc and R-CAC, judge by Ms Elena Ruskovaara.


Health check of our import Arletty de la Tangi Morgane elbows 0/0 and eyes clear!


Our first import together with kennel Bestseller arrived from France.
Arletty de la Tangi Morgane arrived by airplane to Helsinki and she will be living with Heli Rossi.
She is sweet and open character and was very calm after the flight.


Figaron Orpheus was in intermediate class 1.exc CAC and 2.male. Figaron Oberon got R-CAC and was 4th best female. Judged by Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari.


Figaron Oberon was BOB and 2nd in group finals! Judge was Mr Harto Stocmari. Great! Onnittelut ROPista!


Figaron Oasis in heath check hips B/B and elbows 0/0.


Figaron Orpheus got CAC and Best of Breed (BOB) at Hyvinkää (judge Elena Ruskovaara)!
Onnittelut ROPista!


Figaron Oasis was in Hyvinkää exhibition: 1. excellent in Intermediate class and got CAC (judge Willemine van Deijl)!


Figaron Orpheus was 3. excellent and R-CAC at Helsinki (judge Kiss Antal).


We got excellent results from dysplasie: Figaron Orpheus B/B, Figaron Oberon A/A, Figaron Opera de Paris A/A Figaron O'Hara B/B. All had healthy elbows (0/0) and clear eyes.


International Helsinki Champion/Winner show Figaron Orpheus was 1.exc in junior class and got a title "Junior winner" (JW)! Congratulation for the owner Pia and Risto Puupponen!


International Helsinki Winner show Figaron Oberon was 1.exc in junior class and got a title "Helsinki Junior winner" (HeJW)! Congratulation for the owner Ulla Schnaider!


Figaron Orlando was BOB in Jyväskylä Internationa dog show! Congratulation for the owner Heli Rossi!
Figaron Orlando


Figaron Oberon got R-CAC and was 3. best female at Lahti International dog show. Judge was Benoit Thevenon form France.


Figaron O'Hara got R-CAC 3. best female at Helsinki dog show. Bestseller Greta Garbo was BOB and got CAC! Judge was Myriam Vermeire from Belgium.


Erikoisnäyttely/Finnish specialty at Vääksy (judges Norman Desschuymere, Dirk Spruit). We had so nice day, thanks for the owners for coming! Here are the results: BIS puppy Figaron Orpheus, 2. male puppy and price of honor Figaron Orlando, Best female puppy Figaron Oberon and 2. female puppy price of honor Figaron O'Hara, BIS puppy breeder Figaron kennel and CAC 3. Excellent Bestseller Greta Garbo . What a wonderful day!
Figaron Orpheus
BIS puppy Figaron Orpheus
Figaron Orlando
2. male puppy HP Figaron Orlando
Figaron Orlando
BIS puppy breeder Figaron kennel
Figaron Orlando
CAC Bestseller Greta Garbo

See more photoes of the show at Web Gallery.


Puppie show at Vantaa (judge Päivi Eerola): Figaron Orpheus was Best Puppie and 2.nd in group finals! Oasis 2. price of honor, Oberon was Best oppisite sex puppie ad Olivia Newton was 2. price of honor.
Figaron Orpheus


Uphen-Back and Greta Garbo puppies were born. I was amazed about so easy birth of 8 nice puppies.


Ultra confirmed the pregnancy! Jihaa, 5 small creatures were noted. So exited!


Bestseller Greta Garbo has been mated with Uphen-Back de la Foret d'Olifan three times. This time it went sooo well! Looking forward to see puppies.
Special thanks to family Rubin for your hostesse while our visit to Paris!


Ultra did not confirmed the pregnancy. Greta Garbo is empty and we'll not have puppies this spirg.


Ultra did not confirmed the pregnancy. Greta Garbo is empty and we'll not have puppies this spirg.


Puppie plans has been updated!


Bestseller Greta Garbo will be mated with beautiful French male Uphen-Back de la Foret d'Olifan. More info coming soon!


Bestseller Greta Garbo and Bestseller Tomto Rom both eyes tested clear. This was defenately good news for soon 10 years old Tomto Rom without no Cataracta found!


Bestseller Greta Garbo passed Finnish Character test at Nurmijarvi. Points we got +174 from judges Bengt Soderholm and Lea Harjapaa.


Figaron Mozart got a tracking result JK3 with an excellent result 287 points (first price). Congratulation Kati and Hata!


Bestseller Queretaro has passed away just before her 15th aniversary. Our greatly loved "super lady" will be remembered of her marvelous self-confident and open character. She always showed her the kindness to everyone, but on the other hand she maintained her leadership at our kennel untill the very last day.


Figaron Norma Jean got dysplasie level A (the best), elbows 0/0 and HC (heritary cataracta) was found in the eyes check-up.


Figaron Mozart got a tracking result JK2 with an excellent result 286 points (first price). Congratulation Kati and Hata!


Figaron Mozart got a tracking result JK1 with an excellent result 281 points (first price). Congratulation Kati and Hata!


Figaron Narcissos got 8 puppies, 5 males and 3 females with Ducharmer Petruchio. More information at kennel Balistar.


Figaron Mozart won a local South-west Finland area in signal (message). Congratulation Kati and Hata!


Figaron Mozart won a Finnish championship of Belgian Shepherds in signal (message) with an excellent result 287 points (first price). Congratulation Kati and Hata!


Figaron Narcissos has been mated with Ducharmer Petruchio. For more information, contact kennel Balistar.


Figaron Napoleon got 180 points (200 maximum) and TK1 title from the obeidience competition. He was the best in his class.Good work!.


Figaron Napoleon got 2.Excellet in the open class. He was the 4. best male.


Our male Bestseller Tomto Rom got a CAC from Helsinki exhibition (judge Mrs Eerola) and became a Finnish champion (title FIN MVA).


Figaron Napoleon passed the Behaviour test (BH).


Figaron Narcissos got dysplasie level A (the best) and eyes checked clear. Figaron NaT King Cole got dysplasie level A (the best) and eyes checked clear.


Figaron Napoleon got dysplasie level A (the best) and eyes checked clear.


Figaron Mozart got a VK2. This is a result from a signal (message) and from second class. The points from obeidience were 81 and from field 187 giving total of 268 points. Good luck for the class three!


Bestseller Tomto Rom got a JK2. This is a result from a tracking (pistage) and from second class. The points from obeidience were 85 and from field 155 giving total of 240 points. This is the minimum working result that is needed to become a finnish champion.


Bestseller Tomto Rom got a CAC and CACIB in Poznan (Poland) international exhibition. He also got Poznan- and Poland winner titles.


Zoetje Sabine di Scottatura has passed away at the age of over 14 years. A great grandma of our Bestseller Gans and Roses will be remembered of her marvelous character as well as the excellent heritage she gave to her offspring.


Figaron Mozart got VK1 in the first class of signal. His result was obeidience 77 and field 200, total 277 points and a mention of VK1. He has a right to compete in the upper (2nd) class in signal.
Also he can compete in the working class in the shows.


Our daughter was born! We are now very proud parents of Pilvi Olivia.


Puppies were born! 2 males (one grey male) and 2 females from Ch Fr Junger de Condivicnum and Ch FIN & EST Bestseller Gans and Roses.
See the pedigree of N-litter.


Figaron Mozart passed the finnish behaviour test (called BH-koe). Now he can participate to the working trials (tracking, search, defence, etc). His task will be signal/message. Congratulations!


Figaron N-litter is for real. We have mated Ch FIN & EST Bestseller Gans and Roses with a beautiful french champion Ch Fr Junger de Condivicnum.